What are the advantages of ultrasonic cleaning equipment?


With the rapid development of industrialization, users have higher requirements for metal parts. How to clean the dirt on the metal parts is particularly important for the machining plant. Cleaning the oil on the surface of the workpiece has become an important process of machining, which determines the quality of the workpiece and avoids the influence of the oil on the subsequent painting process.

The type of metal cleaning agent used varies with the type of metal parts. If the structure of parts is relatively simple, general metal cleaning agent can be used; On the contrary, if the structure of the parts is more complex, there are more dirt in the cracks and blind holes of the parts, and it is not easy to clean them manually, the ultrasonic cleaning machine should be equipped with a certain ultrasonic cleaning agent to immerse the parts and equipment in the slot, and rely on the high frequency vibration of the ultrasonic cleaning machine to clean the oil and grease in the cracks and holes of the parts without dead angle.

The ultrasonic cleaning machine is equipped with certain ultrasonic cleaning agent. The principle of ultrasonic cleaning is that the high-frequency oscillation signal sent by the ultrasonic generator is converted into high-frequency mechanical oscillation by the transducer and transmitted to the medium ultrasonic cleaning agent. The ultrasonic radiation in the cleaning agent makes the liquid flow and produces tens of thousands of tiny bubbles, The formation of "cavitation" effect, so that the surface of the workpiece and the gap in the dirt quickly removed, so as to achieve the purpose of object surface purification.

Ultrasonic cleaning has been widely used in many machining plants. Compared with traditional manual cleaning, manual cleaning has been gradually replaced by ultrasonic cleaning. Why can manual cleaning be replaced? The advantages of ultrasonic cleaning equipment are introduced in detail. First of all, the efficiency of ultrasonic cleaning is high. Compared with manual cleaning, when cleaning objects in batch, ultrasonic can act on each surface of multiple objects at the same time, and the cleaning speed is very fast, which is very suitable for cleaning components with complex shape. If such parts are cleaned manually, many parts are difficult or impossible to clean. Cleaning agent can only dissolve part of the dirt, but also can't solve the stubborn dirt and the dirt inside the parts. Ultrasonic technology cleaning can make the traditional method can not complete the cleaning of the inner surface and inner hole.

Secondly, the ultrasonic cleaning is more meticulous and comprehensive, there will be no missing places, as long as there is water to the place can be cleaned in place, such as some slender container wall manual cleaning is not cleaning.

Moreover, the cleaning effect is the same: whether the cleaned parts are large or small, simple or complex, the use of ultrasonic cleaning can obtain the unparalleled uniform cleanliness of manual cleaning.
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